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About The Project

CBG are a collection of 10,000 Cryptoback Gorilla NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Cronos Chain. Your Cryptoback Gorilla doubles as your membership card to an exclusive and limited club. CBG members get granted access to a variety of benefits including but not limited to: members-only merch store, custom NFT merch, personalized airdrops, airdrop add-ons, NFT enhancers, giveaways & more. Future CBG hangout spaces, interactive areas and perks can be unlocked and commissioned for and by the community through roadmap activation.



Each Cryptoback Gorilla is unique and programmatically generated from 170 possible traits, including expression, headwear, clothing, jewelry and more. 

The Cryptobacks are stored as CRC-721 tokens on the Cronos blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Purchasing a Cryptoback Gorillas costs 500 CRO.

To access members-only areas, CBG holders will need to be signed into their Wallet.

The CBG Experience

When you purchase a Cryptoback Gorilla, you are not simply buying an NFT (non-fungible token) or avatar. You are gaining membership access to a club whose benefits and offerings will increase over time via a provably-rare piece of crypto art.

Your Cryptoback Gorilla can serve as your digital identity, and open digital doors for you by offering unwavering utility and changing NFTs on Cronos for the better.

  1. Fair Launch = Equal Opportunity & Fair Distribution: All Cryptoback Gorillas are priced at 500 CRO and without any price tiers.
  2. Ownership & Commercial usage rights are given to the consumer over their NFT(s).
  3. Airdrops with Utility: Everyone loves free but we want to thank and incentivize members by providing CBG Airdrops that enhance their respective NFT(s). Holders rejoice!
  4. Perks & Benefits: Gain additional benefits and access to exclusives via our Roadmap Activation





CBG Roadmap

Cryptoback Gorillas – Here To Liberate & Unite #Crofam

0% – Minting Begins. The Official CBG Discord Is Opened Along With Select Giveaways & Competitions.

Rarity Traits & Ranking Revealed From 170 Possible Traits

25% – Cryptoback Gorilla Marketplace Is Founded. A Hub To View The Entire Cryptoback Gorilla Collection.

50% – Members-Only & Exclusive Cryptoback Gorilla Merch Store Is Unlocked! CBG Holders Will Be Able To Browse And Shop From A Wide Selection Of Limited Edition Gear & Accessories As Well As Priority Access To Exclusive Collab Merchandise.

100% – Building The CBG Metaverse By Offering High Utility NFTs. Cryptoback Gorilla Holders Will Be Able To Mint NFT Add-On Enhancers, NFT Pairs, Altered NFTs & Engage In An Interactive Space Exclusive To Members-Only.

Shaping Cronos and the future of Web3 through community building & immersive storytelling experiences. We want to inspire the creators and visionaries of tomorrow with Web3 tools that provide unprecedented access and utility via the most easily attainable entry point into crypto,
the Metaverse & NFTs.

MTVRS1; where fans become owners, owners become creators & creators inspire fans, all in no particular order.